DC Flag with Ama-giThe District of Columbia has one of the most vibrant blogging and social media ecosystems in America. This refers not to those political commentators whose interest in DC is solely for what goes on at the White House or Capitol Hill. No, over the past few years there has emerged a community of individuals genuinely interested in paying attention to and talking about life in the city itself.

This community’s online presence began primarily on blogs and online newspapers and their associated comment sections, but has spread to other social media. Twitter in particular has become a hub for DC residents to connect with others who share an interest in their city.

I was born and raised in northern Virginia, and moved to the District in April of 2009. I have a great deal of respect for DC’s local web pioneers and have met a number of interesting and wonderful people through the network they have helped to build. I have increasingly desired to contribute to this vibrant community in some way.

This blog is my attempt to do just that. Discussion is a legitimate form of civil participation, and it is my intention to discuss topics of mostly local interest from a libertarian perspective.

Though libertarians represent a minority of Americans, we have been well represented in online discussions at the national, international, and academic levels. Yet in spite of the large number of people covering the District, to my knowledge classical liberalism has been largely if not entirely unspoken for in my own city.

I have no intention of creating a soapbox on which to rant–The District Libertarian will be all about engaging the community, especially those who disagree with the views represented here. My goal is to provide a platform on which to present libertarian perspectives and issues, in the hopes that doing so will enrich the larger discussions conducted by the DC online community by increasing the diversity of viewpoints given a voice there.


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