Introducing The District Libertarian

DC Flag with Ama-gi

Welcome to The District Libertarian, where local DC issues are covered from a classical liberal perspective.

Why Start a Blog About DC?

In the two years since I moved into the city, DC’s blogosphere has continued to amaze me. On the one hand, a lot of information is being made available to district residents–from city-wide coverage that blogs like DCist and We Love DC are so good at, to the neighborhood level topics that blogs like U Street Girl, 14th & You, and Frozen Tropics keep residents informed on. On the other hand, DC’s online ecosystem is about much more than just the blogs and getting information–it’s a legitimate and lively community.

I have connected with a lot of the people in that community through their blogs, through Twitter, and in person. This blog is the next logical step for my participation in that community.

Why Make it Explicitly Libertarian?

Beyond the fact that I think disclosure is an honest way to proceed in a discussion, I have two basic goals in mind:

  1. To encourage libertarians living in DC to be more open in their views and engage in discussions with one another as well as the community at large in a constructive and respectful manner.
  2. To enrich the larger discussions taking place in DC’s online community by increasing the diversity of perspectives participating in them.
Both of these goals stem from a perception I have that the libertarian point of view is not currently represented in most of the discussions that happen in DC’s online community. I hope to change that.
That’s it for now. District Libertarian can be liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter.

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